Need a new or updated website in Ventura? !mpactMEDIA is a marketing agency that has clients in Ventura.

Ventura is the northern most coastal city in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Like Oxnard, Ventura has an interesting mix of business and community. A marketing agency not understanding the wants and needs of your local community could be disastrous for your marketing efforts whether it’s a website or other marketing initiatives. From here you can explore how we create successful Ventura websites.

The Top 5 Reasons Ventura Businesses Come To Us

  • Their Ventura business does not yet have website.
  • They have an underperforming website.
  • Their Ventura website doesn’t meet their needs.
  • They have a website that isn’t mobile friendly.
  • Their Ventura business has received a Google penalty letter?

Why !mpactMEDIA and Ventura Businesses work

Ventura is a unique community and we understand it’s residents wants, needs and desires. This helps us create marketing touchpoints (such as a Ventura website) that are meaningful and lasting. Before we discuss what we’ll do for you we want to understand your business goals near, mid and long term. We’ll ask about your business’ pain points and then only when we feel we understand your business and its industry and how it fits with your local community will we make a plan to address want you your business needs want you want and how it can appeal to Ventura residents. This may include creating a Ventura website or other touchpoints.

Why we love Ventura

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Highlight of One of Our Ventura Website Clients, Ventura, CA

Ben Shuck and Katherine Becker LLP (a Ventura based law firm) came to us for a new website that included a responsive design, as well as content marketing, on page SEO, and all based solely on a business card design the has used for years.