Creating Passionate, Loyal Fans

With nearly 30 locations, YogaWorks is the largest yoga school in the U.S., and the gold standard of excellence in teaching a diverse array of yoga styles. They are renowned for upholding the quality and integrity of the 5,000 year-old tradition of yoga, and for their highly prestigious teacher training program.



Although they had world-class yoga teachers, rapid turnover in the studio staff had created customer service challenges that were negatively affecting how students and customers viewed the company’s mission and brand. Prospective students especially felt intimidated when they first arrived. Front-desk cashiers, greeters, and class advisors needed training and guidance on the culture of the business, and of the yoga community in general.


We developed a training program, manual, and mentoring system for employees that helped them do more than just check students in at the door and pay for classes:

  • We infused the values of the school into the training plan. Of particular importance were the founders’ belief that yoga is for everyone, and that all staff were part of the mission to honor and embrace each student’s search for personal growth and wellbeing.
  • We created multiple tips and scripts for employees to use that were tailored to various student and customer personas. Unique approaches were designed for beginning yoga students, children, athletes, seniors, pre-natal women, mommy & me classes, and people undergoing injury rehabilitation.
  • We developed an incentive plan for all staff members to take or observe at least one class from each of the school’s 40+ yoga teachers. The goal of this plan was to enable staff to better make recommendations and match students to the right teachers.


The new training program resulted in a friendlier, more knowledgable studio staff that embodied the values of inclusiveness, compassion, and respect. They became more educated on how to create a positive experience and execute brand advocacy in all aspects of the job. Students felt more welcome and in turn became more loyal to the school and its teachers. This resulted in improved word of mouth, especially for beginner classes, and most importantly, increased class attendance.

Amet Ornare

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