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Walgreens has become a community-centric health and daily living store on an international scale. They are a neighborhood retailer that supplies customers and patients with everything from acute prescriptions and vaccinations to specialty pharmaceuticals and wellness services. They also participate in outreach programs that provide access to free health screenings, use their electronic outdoor store signs for severe weather and missing child alerts, and help contribute to meeting the critical health needs of people impacted by disasters. For their team members, Walgreens offers an opportunity to develop careers in an inclusive environment.



Several Walgreens locations in Ventura County, California wanted to develop a regional incentive and community-building program to build a sense of pride among employees. It was commonplace for area employees to switch stores or temporarily work shifts at neighboring stores, and management realized that there was value in creating a more connected feeling between staff in these stores. Additionally, the stores were continually needing to find new and exciting ways to capture customers’ attention in just a few seconds and convince them to buy add-on products, as add-ons and up-sells comprised an important part of bottom-line profits.


We were hired to develop and execute strategies to address both of these challenges across six stores in the region.

  • We designed and incentivized a fun, suggestive selling campaign that created a spirit of friendly competition between store teams.
  • We developed a set of specific key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess customer service teams in comparison to each other.
  • We kept the tone positive and used a very lighthearted incentive mascot—a sock monkey—to bring employees into the campaign in a non-threatening way. We also incorporated the company’s existing Employee of the Month program to pair with the new suggestive selling campaign.
  • We researched and designed multiple eye-catching, large-scale, 3D point-of-sale displays for moving a higher volume of both new and close-out products.
  • Brands represented on these displays included Coca-Cola, Reese’s, and Gillette, and took regional demographics and buying patterns into consideration.


Our employee campaign caught on quickly and was popular among staff at these stores. Multiple staff members gave positive feedback and said it made them more excited about doing their job. The management teams were also pleased and felt that it succeeded in increasing the pride their employees took in their work, and made them a stronger regional Walgreens community. The point-of-sales displays were successful across the board and every single display resulted in better than expected sales, in most cases with every item on the display being sold and resulting in more frequent replenish and reorder rates than usual.

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