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Skotz Manufacturing is the leading manufacturer of magnetic curtain rods, blinds, and café rods in the U.S. and worldwide. They pioneered the design of magnetic window treatment hardware, and their products are sold by numerous major retailers, including Home Depot, Lowe’s, Kmart, Sears, Menards, Boscovs and Amazon.



The company was entering a new international retail market, bringing their best-selling magnetic mini blinds, MagneBlind, to Canada. They needed new packaging that showcased the product in an attractive way, and met Canada’s specific multi-language requirements. The design needed to also meet existing specifications and parameters set by their manufacturing partner in China.


We designed updated MagneBlind packaging, along with shipping crate labels, for the Canadian market on a tight deadline so that the company could start selling there immediately.

  • We took a few key elements from their outdated, domestic packaging and re-imagined them in a completely new design with several new features.
  • We designed four different packages for the product’s various size and finish varieties.
  • We provided top-quality translation of all print from English to French to meet Canada’s strict requirement that packaging display print in both languages in equal amount and placement.
  • We created new iconography for the packaging that emphasized their “No Tools Required” magnetic installation, a key differentiator for the product.
  • We worked closely with the company’s Chinese manufacturer throughout the process to ensure compliance with the terms of their contract, meet their deadlines, and deliver files in necessary formats.


Our new package designs gave Skotz Manufacturing the language-compliant collateral they needed to sell their popular MagneBlind to Canadian customers in retail stores, whereas previously they had only been able to do so online. Our expert French-language translation also made the product more appealing to non-English speakers. These things increased brand reach and visibility, which increased their sales.

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