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Well Women Acupuncture is a Los Angeles-based wellness practice that combines traditional acupuncture and herbal medicine to promote healing. They specialize in the treatment of infertility, pregnancy, menopause, and many other common health conditions like diabetes, headaches, and depression. They have also developed The Seed Fertility Program, a workshop which is conducted both online and in person for women and couples trying to improve their fertility and conceive.



The Seed Fertility Program had recently been launched over the course of a few workshops attended by loyal patients of Well Women Acupuncture. The founder of the program was committed to growing its enrollment and helping as many women as possible. She already had a logo and small brochure for the program, but wasn’t completely satisfied with either. She wanted to revamp them, and create new coordinating flyers. The print materials needed to have their own distinct brand identity, but also complement, and be recognizable as part of, the acupuncture practice. Lastly, she needed to redesign her E-Newsletter and deploy an email campaign management platform.


  • We updated her logo to incorporate original imagery that helped convey the concept of planting and growing.
  • We revised the design of the brochure to match the updated logo. We also wrote additional compelling content for the brochure to expand its appeal to new students. This included more background information on the program to better target people who were not already patients of the practice.
  • We designed multiple new flyers and templates that could be updated more frequently to announce new seminars and workshops, which were a perfect complement to the general info in the brochure.
  • We extended the new designs into a new E-Newsletter in which she was able to announce new workshops and events, and share seasonal wellness tips with her patients and students.
  • To support her new E-Newsletter, we migrated her patient data from an outdated Excel spreadsheet to a low-cost, user-friendly, email campaign management platform.


Our client was thrilled with the new design and content we produced for The Seed Fertility Program, and felt it successfully conveyed the spirit and intent of her mission to provide hope and healing for women from all walks of life. The new content and flyers especially helped expand awareness of her workshops, and enrollment started to increase very soon after she had the new materials. The new E-Newsletter and email platform helped her keep in touch better with students and convert more prospective students.


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