Inceptos Consectetur Fusce Amet is the largest and most profitable online learning video platform, with more than 4 million subscribers through individual and enterprise memberships. Their video library has more than 120,000 business, technology, software and creative tutorials taught by industry experts. They are deployed in thousands of organizations, including Google, Disney, Apple, Yahoo!, Adobe, Qualcomm, Bank of America, Patagonia, Harvard, MIT, the United States Congress and NASA.


Challenge’s member base had been growing steadily and organically for over 15 years, due largely to the breadth and excellent quality of their video courses. As one of the very first players in the online learning industry, they had been profitable for many years before competitors started cropping up. They had never engaged in focused public relations or social media activities, and had become the “sleeping giant” of e-learning. Newer companies with far fewer offerings were starting to grab media attention and market share. To stay on top and keep growing, needed to find ways to introduce more people to the best company they’d never heard of.


We helped launch the company’s first formal media relations and corporate communications strategies, leveraging both social and traditional media.

  • We co-led company communications through a single $103M growth equity raise, acquisitions, and new product and content releases.
  • We developed news announcements and strategies for securing coverage in key print and online media like, TechCrunch, and Bloomberg.
  • We worked with the social media and content marketing teams to elevate brand awareness, create engaging content, and amplify media coverage through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, SlideShare and the company blog.
  • We secured opportunities for authors and executives to contribute content and serve as subject experts on HuffPost,, and KCET.
  • We managed a campaign to acquire and screen dozens of member testimonials, and connected them with journalists to speak on’s behalf.
  • We curated a list of several hundred earned media clips for the company’s press coverage web page.
  • We secured the company a spot on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies 2013 list.
  • We developed messaging and outreach strategies for trade shows and community sponsorships, including the Santa Barbara Film Festival.


Our work helped increase their brand’s share of voice across all marketing channels, with exceptional results in earned media coverage. During our time working with them, meaningful mentions and features went from a few per month to, on average, more than one per day. This contributed to an overall lift in visits and conversions, a crucial performance metric for a Web-based business. We also helped them establish effective, cross-functional ways to leverage their abundance of thought leaders.

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