The Three Tests for Nonprofit Success

Nonprofits are a specialized organization that needs specialized marketing strategies. And they need an agency that understands their unique organizational pain-points, can work within the systems that are in place, and can provide a clear playbook that improves efficiency with out getting in the way of the great people who make your nonprofit work.

Every nonprofit knows any employed strategy that doesn’t meet the following three tests for nonprofit success will not ultimately lead a successful campaign.

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Serving your mission

Your mission informs everything you do! Its your rallying call. It attracts your donors, inspires your volunteers and it articulates how your work benefits the world. Every marketing strategy employed must be in line with your mission. Look for an agency that not only understands your mission but believes in it too.

Igniting passion in your donors & volunteers

Your donors and volunteers are the life blood of your organization. Without whom no work would be done. All of your marketing and outreach must speak to them personally and inspire them to take action. Your donors and volunteers require different strategies in different voices to get them to take action.

Supporting your development team

Your development team is where it all comes together. They breathe life into the marketing tools they are given. They are the human touch, the hand that guides and reinforces the commitment of your donors. They need the right marketing strategies and tools that fit seamlessly into their workflow without getting in the way of them doing what they do best.

Nonprofits and Audience First

For nonprofits you have to apply the three tests while using the Audience First paradigm. Everyone, whether it’s potential or current donors or volunteers, or the general public wants to be communicated to in a different way and using different verbiage.