Our website development philosophy

Deliver them an experience they will remember.

With a sound foundation of proven open-source website development technologies we deliver great user experiences on all devices. Whether it’s on big screens or small, wide screens or tall your audience is shown consistent branding across all platforms. Your website is a constant touch point to your brand. It works tirelessly for you day and night whenever, wherever and however your prospects are looking. You can’t afford to not to deliver them an experience they will remember. Before that experience can be created you have to have the proper foundation on which to develop your website. This includes the right technologies and the right methodologies.

For us website development starts with open source

We love and support open-source. Leveraging technologies like PHP, MySQL, Linux to provide a secure, future proof foundation. With open source CMSs like WordPress we can develop websites that are easily maintainable, more reliable. Not being tied to proprietary software also enables us to be more agile. Also, website development is faster and costs are also lower due to open-source.

How website development influences the experience

Creating search engine friendly code that makes information findable to your prospects is paramount. Being user-friendly enables the design to shine and the content to influence your audience. It also, presents the information in a platform agnostic manner. What that means is that whether your prospect is viewing your site on their phone, their computer, their tablet or their TV your website will be delivered appropriately for their device. It won’t matter if they are using IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Opera as their browser. It won’t matter because, your audience will be given the same messaging in the same way regardless of browser. It’ll feel like you’ve created beautiful, flawless separate experiences for them despite their device or browser. That is responsive design. That is how you deliver an experience they will remember. Website development is just one way, “We create marketing that sticks”.