Are you the hero your audience is waiting for?

We identify what your brand stands for and communicate that to your audience in a way that engages and delights.

Your prospects need you! But they won’t give you their money and trust unless they think your brand stands for what they believe in. Does your audience know what you stand for? Your branding should tell them. Stick too rigidly to your own beliefs about your brand, and you could miss out on winning loyal customers who adore you.

When it comes to branding, put your audience first by looking first at their needs, desires and values. Then position your brand as a champion of those things.

Why hire a branding agency?

When you work day in and day out on your business, it can be easy to lose sight of the long-term direction of your brand. That’s where we come in. We identify your brand’s personality and culture and chart a course for growth. We turn good brands into favorite brands. We position and structure your brand story in a way that’s accessible. Today’s consumers are busy, sophisticated, and distracted by a lot of brands and products. We collaborate with you to paint the picture of your brand that will stick in your consumers’ hearts and minds. Having a great branding strategy is how you captivate your audience.

Isn’t branding just our name and logo?

No, branding is much more than what you print on your business cards! Your brand is the foundation of your business. Brands aren’t built on ideas–they’re built on ideals. Your values drive your brand, and they should always be at the core of your marketing. Don’t just stand out. Stand for something. Win trust and loyalty with a compelling brand story. We can help you tell it. By focusing on the key dimensions of brand personality, we can quantify your brand values and traits. We combine that with effective design, color psychology, style, imagery, messaging and tonality to match people to your brand ideals in a meaningful way. This creates matches made in heaven.

Branding done right — open their wallets

Branding starts with research. We define what sets you apart by analyzing your business, your competitive landscape, and your target audience. Many businesses fail to study their target audience, and that’s a big mistake. We look at both demographics (who they are on the outside) and psychographics (who they are on the inside). We segment your audience into archetypal buckets called personas, then match the appropriate messaging to each persona. This approach shows them why they love you, and how you match their ideals. Then when they see your brand, they want to do business with you. A brand story should feel good, and taking time to define your business’s personas helps that happen.

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